Kelly McLaughlin is a New York City-based actor known for her accents, quick wit improv and athleticism.

After graduating from Carnegie Mellon, Kelly did the full-time grind working as a Designer and then Producer on the New York advertising circuit. But realizing that she needed to fully pursue her passion as an actor, she left the corporate world behind to study Acting for two years at Esper Studio.  

Kelly creates short (short) horror films for Instagram with her project 1MinHorror and is part of the TableReadNYC team, a script-incubator in collaboration with Dixon Place. While pursuing her acting career, Kelly runs her own an athletic wear line, Cróga Active, and works as a professional aerialist and aerial instructor at the popular Body & Pole.

A film and TV nerd, with a special place in her heart for sci-fi, horror and dark comedies, Kelly often hosts viewing parties where she fills stomachs with her home cooking. She's been called a Modern Renaissance Woman, and brings her eclectic  skills and joy to every project that she works on.


Kelly on Instagram @danceasaur